Christmas Wish List: The Men in Your Life

Hello Again!

I swear that as soon as summer ends and the leaves begin to change I am already thinking what am I going to get my loved ones for the holidays! I think the hardest people to shop for are my mother and all the men in my life. Men say women are hard to shop for, well thats because they never had to shop for themselves! 

Here are some of the favorite gifts that I have gotten for the men in my life that they have loved. 

Amazon Alexa: I got this for M last Christmas and it has been a huge success! We absolutely love her! She is weirdly part of the family and our everyday lives. She helps me in the kitchen and helps M turn on and off the lights when he's "to tired" to get up and do it himself! She can even bark like a dog which is very entertaining for O! 

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Ugg Slippers: I got M these Ugg slippers the first year we were dating and he still wears and raves about them today. He thought that Uggs were weird and only for girls until I got them for him and he slid his foot into that super soft fury heaven! He tells all his friends that they need them. So that's a win in my book! 

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Plane Tickets: For sure the most expensive thing on my list but so, so worth it. And if your like my and strategize and watch the ticket prices like a hawk you'll get a really good price! I got M tickets to Denver, Colorado last Christmas and I swear he almost cried! He LOVES Denver and always talked about how much he wanted to take me there. So, I made it happen! I am so happy I did because it has hands down been our favorite trip so far! 

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Watch: Watches make great gifts for the men in your life. There are so many different styles that you'll never have a hard time finding one that is perfect for whoever you are shopping for. A great place to look for designer watches in my opinion is on Amazon. They have so many designers on there, you'll surely find something you love! 

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Yeti Tumbler: This was actually a gift that M's Mom gave and I highly recommend! It is amazing for both your hot and cold drinks. Keeps everything warm or cold all day long! It comes in a variety of colors, which I think is awesome! There's a tumbler for everyone! 

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xo, emily e

Happily EVER After

Hello Love,

When it comes to skin care I have always been super relaxed about it. This was never a great trait of mine because I never, ever had great skin. I always would break out, have clogged pores and red patches and irritated skin. I was never winning when it came to the skin game. I would try new products all the time and get so discouraged because nothing seemed to work. Friends would always tell me to go to the stores with the skin care departments and ask them to analyze my skin. They said that they will give you a whole skin routine and my first thought was "mmmh, excuse me? I don't have time for that!". Are you seeing the problem here? I wanted great skin but I wasn't putting my skin first! 

A couple weeks ago I was introduced to EVER Skin Care. I was sent a box with a skin routine that consisted of six products. At first I was like "Urg, this is a lot of work" but I also thought "Okay, you're doing this!". THANK GOD I did! Within 1 week I noticed a difference in my skin and I was thrilled! Within 2 weeks M started to notice! Which really made me thrilled! One of the biggest reasons I LOVE this system it is because it is chemical free! I've been changing my lifestyle a lot lately with the foods I eat and the products I use. So finding a chemical free skin routine was a god sent! 

Now this is huge! I would never, EVER post a picture of myself without any makeup, or filter or editing before EVER. I am so happy with how clear my skin is! Yes, I still have bags under my eyes, freckles and birth marks on my face and lines here and there but that is all okay! I don't have acne, huge pores, oily, red skin and that is amazing!! 

The routine consists of the following:

1) A Cleanser

2) Exfoliating Pad

3) Serum

4) Eye Cream

5) Moisture Injestion Cream

6) Tinted Moisturizer

All the containers are labeled 1 through 6 which is huge for me because I would honestly forget what to use and when! If you are looking for a new skin routine that works give EVER a try! Here's a link for you to get started ! 

xo, Em


Lash New York: Lash Lift Review


A couple weeks ago I got an email from a woman named Danielle. Her email was super bubbly and I knew right away we would get along great. She was from Lash New York and was contacting me in hopes that we could partner together. I was SO excited!! Lash New York is a cool, little beauty studio that specializes in eyelash extensions, microblading, lash lifts, and a bunch of other awesome beauty services! I had never had any of these serves done before so when Danielle invited me for a complimentary Lash Lift and Spray tan I, of course, said yes!! 

I LOVE making my eyelashes pop by curling them and LOTS of mascara. In all honesty though, my lashes become dual by the end of the day. They don't stay curled and then the mascara looks weak. My eyes loose that brightness they had at the beginning of the day. Let's be real, no one has time to redo their makeup in the middle of the day! So when I was offered a service that would make my lashes stay perfect all day long I couldn't wait for my appointment! 

Like I said I have never had a lash lift done before so I wasn't sure what to except but, I was so excited! When I got to Lash New York I was greeted by the owner Lexi and her right hand woman, Danielle. They were so awesome and we clicked right away! We talked for maybe 30 minutes about a variety or topics including the wedding world, the beauty world and our dogs! I apologize in advance for talking about Odin ALL the time. 

After we were done chit chatting, I went back with Lexi for the Lash Lift. She explained that it would be about 45 minutes. I would lay down and close my eyes, she'd work her magic and afterwards I would have fabulous eyelashes. (Spoiler alert, she was absolutely right!). The process was simple and painless. The only thing I noticed was a variety of different smells from the products being put on my eyelashes. I am not patient at all and was a bit worried when she said it would take 45 minutes but, Lexi made that time fly by with great conversation! 

I was absolutely amazed when we were done because I could see how curled my lashes were and how much my eyes popped! And that was without mascara! I was instantly hooked! I was even more pumped when Lexi said that it lasts up to six weeks! How great is that! As soon as I got home I put mascara on my new and improved lashes and died! They. Were. Beautiful! 

My morning routine has been cut in half and I feel so much more confident throughout the day because I know my favorite feature (my eyes) are on point all day long! I have gotten so many compliments on my lashes and people asking me what I am doing differently! I highly, HIGHLY recommend everyone go check out Lash New York and get your lashes lifted! It's 100% life changing! 

Also, for 20% off your next service tell the girls I sent you! 

xo, Em


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