Thanks to my amazing photographer friend Lauren Renee we have some of the most amazing family photos.


Seriously?! HOW FREAKING AMAZING IS THIS SHOT!! Lauren kills it every time. Yes, every time, as in Lauren has shot me and my family multiple times. She shot Matt and I’s engagement photos. After the session was over we received sneaks approximately an hour or two later and we were hooked! She shot boudoir photos for me, our wedding, family photos and Will shoot the rest of our lives! But this isn’t an ode to Lauren (though it easily could be!) I wanted to introduce you to my family!


Let’s start with my amazing husband! Still weird calling Matt my husband! We got married on August 17th, 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pa. We’ve been dating since 2014. So we’ve been together almost 6 years!! How crazy is that! Matt works as a Surgical Sales Representative. He works out almost daily. His love language is service and he’s never found a cookie he doesn’t love. He is the most handsome man I’ve ever met and he is the love of my life.


We have two very adorable children. Our first born: Odin and our second born: Ollie. They are pure breed Old English Sheepdogs. They are the loves of my life (besides Matt of course). Odin will be 3 this November and Ollie will be 2 this November. Their birthdays are only a couple days apart.

They are so incredibly different and have their own personalities. As I write this Ollie is in his bed, entertaining himself with a squeaky toy. Odin is laying on the couch at my feet. Quietly sleeping, snuggling a pillow. Ollie is a cuddle monster every. Single. Morning. But can not be bothered by anyone at night. Odin needs to be attached to my hip 24/7 but he is not a cuddlier. Ollie will not beg for food but will sneak into the kitchen when he thinks no one is watching and jump up to the counter and eat whatever he can reach. Odin begs for whatever slightly resembles food in someone’s hands. They are so different but so so loved.


We are a little family of four and excited to grow it one day and add to our tribe. (No time soon so don’t get to excited!).

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